I’ve been enamored with captive insurance for most of my insurance career. The ability of insureds to get tax benefits for self-insuring exposure solves a lot of problems when they are unable to 1. acquire insurance for their exposure (dangerous product or industry) or 2. are unable to acquire insurance at a reasonable premium (hard market or misunderstood exposure). In this episode, I discuss all things captive with Van Carlson of Strategic Risk Alternatives.

SOUTHAMPTON, Bermuda — Climate risks are directly connected to supply chain risks that should be identified and mitigated as extreme weather events continue to become more severe and intense and cause rising business interruption losses, experts say.

In a release yesterday evening, Ormat Technologies Inc. provided an update on the Puna geothermal power plant located about 15 miles away from the Kilauea volcano, which erupted on May 3, 2018 and which continues to erupt and flow lava.

Ormat taking steps to secure Hawaii geothermal plant in light of lava flows nearby

Dive Brief:

  • Ford said it may temporarily lay off several thousand workers due to a fire which damaged a parts supplier last week. The Dearborn, Michigan plant will run out of inventory this week, leading to a halt in production, The Wall Street Journal reported.

A spokesman says Atlanta's airport has taken down its Wi-Fi network and disabled parts of its website "out of an abundance of caution" following a ransomware cyberattack on the city's computer network.

Business interruption (BI) and cyber incidents interlink as the major threat for companies globally in 2018, according to the insight of 1,911 risk experts from 80 countries in the Allianz Risk Barometer 2018. However, for marine and shipping companies, natural catastrophes (34 percent), including storm, floods and earthquakes, takes the top spot – up from number four in 2017. BI tied with cyber incidents (31 percent), for the second spot followed by theft/fraud/corruption (27 percent) and fire/explosion (25 percent) to round out the top five business risks in the maritime sector for 2018. These incidents illustrate the complex nature of insurance risks as most are closely intertwined in complex loss cases.

The Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment (WCDPHE) continues to investigate an outbreak of Salmonella illness at several locations in Weld County. The source of the outbreak is the Burrito Delight restaurant, which has voluntarily closed both of its locations in Fort Lupton and Dacono. It is still under investigation as to what is the specific source. Laboratory testing results of the employees will not be available until Monday. The investigation continues around possible food sources. 


Financial institutions, government agencies and key industrial sectors of the economy in the country should prepare for a massive exploration of Cyber crimes as 2018 unfolds.

According to the director of Cloud strategy at giant technology firm Microsoft Rudiger Dorn, the year is likely to see an increase in phishing- where hackers obtain account details of employees or individuals through credit cards and banking details to commit a Cyber crime.

The recently released Allianz Risk Barometer ranked the top business risks for 2018, based on the views of more than 1,900 risk management experts globally. Here, we look at the top three identified business risk for Australia and discuss how they can be effectively managed.

The end of net neutrality could slow down more than internet speeds, according to Netflix Inc.‘s annual report. The 10-K report, released Monday afternoon, lists changes in net neutrality laws as a risk to the media streaming company’s business.

We’re only just into 2018 and already the business world has been shaken. The news that facilities management and construction services company Carillion had gone into liquidation made headlines across the UK, as many public and private sector projects, as well as thousands of jobs, are put under threat by the announcement.


As the Southern California wildfires blaze on, people in the path of the flames may be making an unlikely wish: that if the damage happens, it happens before the clock strikes midnight on December 31. It's morbid, but practical — because now that the new tax bill has passed, some significant disaster tax deductions will disappear.


Business interruption is the biggest risk facing companies, according to a survey by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty S.E., while cyber incidents continue to generate growing concern.    

Business interruption is the biggest risk facing companies, according to a survey by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty S.E., while cyber incidents continue to generate growing concern.



A hole-in-one from 137 yards is not covered when the insurance policy says it must be from at least 170 yards, says a federal appeals court, in denying a nonprofit coverage for two prizes it was obligated to pay in a golf charity event.


RSUI Indemnity Co. is not obligated to provide $3 million in property damage caused by a grain bin explosion under an exclusion in its policy, said a federal appeals court in upholding a lower court ruling.


Susan Cary-Hanson just wants a seat at the table for small businesses like hers when it comes to trade negotiations. The co-CEO and owner of PGC Solutions, a small manufacturer that makes custom parts for companies including Deere and Bobcat, has concerns about how potential changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement being pursued by the Trump administration might disrupt her company's exporting to Mexico and Canada.



Interruption in manufacture and delivery for vital products can hit all pharmacies hard, in both health systems and the community. The patient is the last link in the supply chain, but pharmacists are a vital connection to ensuring continuity of medications and supplies.


GUAYNABO, P.R. — Miriam Gonzalez stepped outside her shuttered restaurant in this municipality near San Juan and offered an exaggerated grin. “This is my happy face,” Ms. Gonzalez, 52, said, her voice heavy with mockery. “It’s a very happy face. We all have it on.”

Some big supermarket chains and food suppliers are issuing recalls across the United States, including Whole Foods Market, Meijer and Albertsons, due to potential listeria contamination reported by one of the largest suppliers of fresh vegetables in the country.



The protection of personally identifiable information held on behalf of customers and suppliers continues to be a major source of concern. But for many companies, particularly in the manufacturing sector, the operational risks of a malicious intrusion are at least as great.



(Reuters) — Wineries damaged by wildfires tearing through Northern California are starting insurance claims, and at least some of the smaller vintners are likely to find limits in their policies mean payouts fall short of rebuilding costs.



Wildfires continued to burn through California wine country on Tuesday afternoon. The preliminary numbers, as reported late in the day by the Associated Press, already painted a stark picture: 17 separate fires have hospitalized 100 people, killed at least 15, and destroyed an estimated 2,000 homes and businesses on 115,000 acres across eight counties.



The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) on Thursday sided with American home appliance company Whirlpool (WHR) in its trade complaint against manufacturing rivals, concluding that U.S. washing machine manufacturers are being harmed by unfairly cheap exports from other countries.



Penske Automotive Group, Inc. (NYSE: PAG), an international transportation services company, today provided a preliminary estimate of the impact on its operations in FloridaGeorgiaTexas and Puerto Rico from Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria.



Patients could experience "critical shortages" of key pharmaceuticals, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning after Hurricane Maria brought Puerto Rico's drug manufacturing industry to a standstill.


When disasters occur, we are all emotionally affected. But much of the work of rebuilding, in cities large and small, will fall squarely on the shoulders of an often unrecognized party: the supply chain manager.


A company named Death Wish Coffee Co. with a skull and bones logo announced a recall Tuesday of its 11-oz cans of nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee because they could potentially contain the deadly toxin botulin. The 5-year-old company sells what it calls "the world's strongest coffee."



The complaint, filed by attorneys with The Doss Firm, argues that an estimated 28 million small business operators in the US face special risk of suffering multiple damages arising from the spectacularly wide-ranging data breach first uncovered in early Sept.



One of the hard lessons many small businesses are learning after the devastating impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is that a disaster plan is essential — even if you think you'll never need to use it.

The global supply chain impact of Hurricane Harvey could be unprecedented, widespread and realized, not only in the near term, but in weeks and months to come, according to Bindiya Vakil, CEO and founder, and Joe Carson, chief strategy officer, of Resilinc, a provider of supply chain risk and resiliency solutions.


VidAngel, a Utah business that caters to customers who want to stream and filter out objectionable content in films and shows, has lost another round in court in a copyright infringement dispute with Disney and three other California entertainment companies.


A week before Hurricane Harvey walloped Houston, workers for Union Pacific Corp. began moving rail cars out of the railroad’s Englewood switching yard near downtown and brought in enough generators to fill 70 tractor trailers to keep signal systems running.


The British Standard Institute (BSI) reports a spike in terrorist incidents in the global supply chain last year. According to the study, there was a total of 346 attacks in 2016, a rise of 16% on the previous year.


Harvey is not only disrupting supply chains, transport companies and manufacturers — it's fully shutting them down and exposing them to not only physical and financial harm but also legal risk.



Between the shutdown of oil refineries and chemical plants, impaired roads and ports, and widespread damage to homes, businesses and cars, the economic toll from Hurricane Harvey is now being estimated as the second-costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, trailing only the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.



Showtime promised consumers that they could witness history, as Floyd Mayweather boxed Conor McGregor on August 26, for the price of $99.99. Now that the fight is history, Showtime is being sued for problems with its live stream provided through its Showtime PPV mobile app.


A Utah federal judge Friday confirmed a software company’s arbitration award of nearly $3 million, which a three-arbitrator panel in Salt Lake City had issued after finding the company’s former European business partners had breached distribution agreements.

In May, one of the biggest landslides on record in California buried a small section of Highway 1 — a famous coastal highway — under 40 feet of rubble. The blockage has devastated the ever-popular Big Sur region, where local businesses, resorts, and retreat centers attract tourists from around the world.

In May, one of the biggest landslides on record in California buried a small section of Highway 1 — a famous coastal highway — under 40 feet of rubble. The blockage has devastated the ever-popular Big Sur region, where local businesses, resorts, and retreat centers attract tourists from around the world.

In May, one of the biggest landslides on record in California buried a small section of Highway 1 — a famous coastal highway — under 40 feet of rubble. The blockage has devastated the ever-popular Big Sur region, where local businesses, resorts, and retreat centers attract tourists from around the world.

And it was so hot that dozens of flights have been canceled this week at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. American Airlines alerted its customers over the weekend, offering fee-free changes to upcoming flights that were departing or arriving at Phoenix between 3 and 6 p.m., when temperatures peak.

Since unveiling the project at E3 2015, Square Enix has remained very vague about the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Who, exactly, is working on the project? How far along is its production? During their recent year-end financial briefing, Square Enix would only say Final Fantasy VII Remake was coming sometime within the “next three years or so.” That’s not terribly encouraging!

BMW was unable to complete the building of thousands of luxury cars this week because of production problems. A shortage of steering systems from Bosch, the worlds largest supplier of car parts, was the cause of the disruption. Car Manufacturing is complex and BMW typically relies on "just-in-time" production, meaning that it only orders parts when it needs them.

Forty-three state attorneys general, including Wisconsin's Brad Schimel, have reached a $33 million settlement with a division of Johnson & Johnson over accusations the company misrepresented the quality of its over-the-counter medicines.

First oil is still expected by the end of June at US Oil Sands’ PR Spring project in Utah despite an equipment failure during commissioning. The Calgary-based company initiated a phased startup at the mining and extraction project in April after completing construction following delays and funding challenges.

The Arctic is important to Norway. 10 per cent of us live in the Arctic. And most of Norway's territory is in the Arctic - if you include our ocean territory. NATO is important to Norway, and to the Arctic as a region that is vital to security and prosperity. But my topic today will be why the Arctic is not only a regional issue, but a global one. This holds true in particular when it comes to climate change.

The importation of prescription drugs from foreign markets has emerged as a quick-fix proposal to enhance affordability and patient access. Supporters believe the fundamental goal is laudable, however, the risks far outweigh the benefits. Importation would threaten and destabilize the significant industry-government collaboration already underway to ensure the safety and security of the domestic pharmaceutical supply chain.

The suit, filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County in Illinois on April 25, names Bailey Foods LLC as the sole supplier of meat for Evanger’s Hunk of Beef canned dog food. Holly and Joel Sher, owners of the Wheeling, IL, Evanger’s want $20 million in punitive damages from Bailey Foods, which is based in Marshall, WI.

Negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers are continuing as the current contract is set to expire at midnight Tuesday.
If talks fail a key revenue stream will be lost to Milt and Edie's drycleaners, located in the heart of Burbank's media district, as the business took a significant impact during the last labor action 10 years ago.

Supply chain risk management has enjoyed a rise in prominence over the past decade as events like Japan’s tsunami, Thailand’s floods and the US west coast port strike have shone a light on the value of resilience. Hot risk factors today include data security, logistics disruptions and trade policy uncertainty.

Express Scripts Holding Co. shares fell in early trading after the company said it will lose its biggest customer, health insurer Anthem Inc., which will drop the pharmacy benefit manager after accusing it of overcharging by billions of dollars a year.

Tesla's push to sell its all-electric vehicles in Utah hit another roadblock Monday when the state Supreme Court upheld a decision by Utah licensing officials to deny the automaker a license to sell new cars.

Individually, every one of these scenarios can create bottlenecks for shippers that are trying to get products in and out of facilities as quickly, accurately and safely as possible. Unfortunately, without the right accountability and visibility tools, being able to spot and address these issues efficiently becomes somewhat of a crapshoot.

Millions of gallons of raw sewage and untreated runoff have poured into the United States’ second-largest estuary since a massive sewage treatment plant experienced equipment failures that forced it to stop fully treating Seattle’s waste.

Farmers in the U.S. agricultural heartland that helped elect Donald Trump are now pushing his administration to avoid a trade dispute with Mexico, fearing retaliatory tariffs that could hit over $3 billion in U.S. exports.

Many of us have already started working on our gardens, but before you decide what to plant, you might want to consider some bee-friendly flowers. Larry Lewis, a public information officer for the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, said bees are a key part of food production.

While this week’s record-setting snowstorm forced several companies to close on Tuesday, some businesses stayed open — including a small advertising agency on South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre.

Zaaqi "Zoc" Johnson sensed the  strong winds blowing outside his restaurant, Zoc's Gourmet on Chili Avenue, Wednesday afternoon. He continued to prepare an order of burgers and subs when the power went out.The power was restored late Monday afternoon, just in time for the arrival of the snowstorm. After losing about $2,500 in business and an additional $400 in food that he had to throw out, Johnson is preparing to tighten his finances at home as well as getting some financial help from family.

On Friday, a blog at Check Point Software Technologies’ website said that its engineers had found severe infections on 36 Android devices belonging to two unnamed telecommunication and multinational companies. The post pointed out that this is not unusual, but that the striking element is that the infections came preinstalled on the devices.

Products derived from timber extracted by workers living in conditions analogous to slave labor in Brazil are connected to a complex business network linked to the U.S. market – possibly reaching the shelves of large retailers and being used in renovation of landmarks – according to a new investigation conducted by Brazilian news outlet Repórter Brasil. After purchasing from suppliers held liable for that crime by the Brazilian government, local traders exported timber to companies like USFloors, which supplies the retail chain Lowe’s, as well as Timber Holdings, which supplied timber for construction projects at Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Preparing for risk is always prudent in procurement, but there seems to be particular urgency for it now, with companies looking for new solutions that suit the modern world. Disruption can happen as the result of slowly changing factors, or it can occur all at once, with the rise of some sort of sudden event that forces new strategies. Either way, the use of strategic sourcing stands to be another key lever for necessary improvement.

The announcement temporarily puts an end to shippers' fears of an impending port closure (the date of which would have been unveiled this week) and millions of dollars in economic damage. Yet, the issues that sparked the threat and raised business concerns are far from settled, and ILA workers have shown muscle and determination to make their voices heard.

Zurich Insurance has revealed the key Asia Pacific findings of the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) “Supply Chain Resilience Report 2016”. Despite six out of ten organizations experiencing at least one supply chain disruption during the past year, with one in four exceeding ‎US$1 million in losses, the report found that almost half of survey respondents in Asia Pacific did not insure their losses.

Today, we are just beginning to understand the seriousness of an emerging threat to the grid's cybersecurity. As the grid has become more dependent on computers and data-sharing, it has become more responsive to changes in power demand and better at integrating new sources of energy.

The recent emergency efforts to repair the crumbling spillway of California’s Oroville Dam dramatically underscores a critical need for risk managers to focus on infrastructure exposure, industry analysts say.

Many people in Carson City have been feeling the impacts of flooding since the first major rain event in early January. Water has washed away trails, eroded local streets and parks, and impacted the overall infrastructure of the city; but local businesses are feeling the effects of flooding as well.

They report that "Geographic data indicates California has a mega flood about every 100 to 200 years," meaning we could even be overdue for another one — and the relatively minor inconveniences and small number of casualties we've seen as a result of the past six weeks' storms are negligible compared to the massive destruction the state could have in the future, climate change or not.

Changing the game is not easy. We’ve seen the old-school automakers show up with knives in hand whenever Tesla has seemed vulnerable in aspects of its operation, be it production volume, delivery dates, or design flaws. The one thing Tesla has always had on its side is the customer: No matter how many blips the early adopters encountered, they usually said they’d live with them and noted they’d do it all again if given the chance. But Tesla Model X problems are becoming worrisome.

While significant strides have been made, footwear and apparel firms around the world still have a long way to go when it comes to adequately addressing labor practices across their supply chains.

On Sunday, it culminated in violence when police say a North Carolina man fired an assault rifle inside the Comet Ping Pong restaurant as he attempted to “self-investigate” the conspiracy theory known in the Twitterverse as “Pizzagate.”

The U.S. industrial freight market may be slowly turning a corner. Orders for heavy-duty trucks expanded at a sharp clip in November, WSJ Logistics Report’s Jennifer Smith reports, the first positive sign from fleet owners in nearly two years. ACT Research and FTR caution that the underlying numbers remain weak by historical standards, and the double-digit growth rates are based on comparisons to months that saw trucking companies retreat almost entirely from buying new trucks. Still, manufacturers that have been laying off workers and idling factory shifts will have orders to bolster their backlogs heading into 2017.

Good morning. A World Trade Organization deadline could lead to rising prices for goods made with parts and components from China. On Dec. 11, the European Union could grant China so-called market-economy status, thereby using Chinese data for calculating duties in antidumping cases. Or European lawmakers could draft new rules that do away with the differentiation between market and nonmarket economies that the EU has used in the past, Nina Trentmann writes for CFO Journal in today’s paper.

But Hawk says was only able to develop his powerful brand by first coming close to destroying it. When he first had the chance to do product endorsements in the 1980s, Hawk says, he signed his rights away to several companies, often in direct conflict with each other. “I didn’t understand about quality control or keeping control of the brand,” he told an audience at tech conference Summit at Sea.

On top of these fundamental economic dynamics are political challenges. Populism, nationalism and protectionism threaten to halt and even reverse decades of global economic integration. Perhaps worst of all, political violence including terrorism is effectively closing business sectors (like tourism) and even entire countries off from additional foreign direct investment and other international activity. In response, increasing numbers of businesses, humanitarian aid groups and government contractors are reducing expansion plans to reduce exposure to expensive risks.

A large earthquake along the San Andreas fault impacting both northern and southern California simultaneously – once considered impossible – could cause up to 126% more residential property damage than previously thought, according to a new data analysis from CoreLogic, Inc.

Oakland's Mayor Libby Schaaf told business owners vandalized by rioters on Tuesday and Wednesday that, "I want to explain why it seems our police department cannot stop them." She called the rioters anarchists who infiltrated a peaceful demonstration.

In l958 a cheesy science-fiction movie scared and amused audiences across the nation. Called The Blob, it featured future superstar Steven McQueen in his first lead role. The poster had the tagline: “Indescribable! Indestructible! Nothing can stop it!”

South American palm weevils, the button-size beetles, have breached the Southern California border, and they’re hungry. That spells trouble for their favorite meal, the Canary Island date palms that have been one of the region’s most enduring symbols. The weevil larvae feast on a tree’s crown, crippling its growth and, within months, killing it.

The Great Salt Lake is largest water body in the United States after the Great Lakes. It is a terminal basin, which means the water that pours into the lake from rivers and streams has no outlet other than evaporation. This allows salts and minerals to concentrate in the lake such that it is three to five times saltier than the ocean. And yet this briny lake is a haven for more than 250 species of migratory birds who feast on the brine shrimp and flies that thrive there.

The benefits of the rail yard proved to be short-lived. In August of this year, a little over a year into operating its new facility, Brink Farms received a cease-and-desist letter from track owner CSX Transportation Inc. restricting the company from using the infrastructure to ship or receive goods.

Currently, American aquaculture is done only in state waters within a few miles of the coast. (Think farmed salmon.) But the government is trying to go further out to sea, into federal waters, to create an offshore aquaculture industry. After NOAA, under both presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush tried—and failed—to push national aquaculture legislation through Congress, NOAA decided to do an end run around Capitol Hill, creating a controversial aquaculture permitting system in the Gulf of Mexico that promptly drew litigation as well as the ire of fishermen, boaters, and environmentalists.

It’s a dilemma involving the endangered state bird and taro, a symbol and staple for Native Hawaiians and many others. The state of Hawaii is spending up to $500,000 to save its taro farming industry from being consumed by the nene, or Hawaiian goose, Pacific Business News has learned.

A group of residents and activists stand outside the Hawaii State Capitol ahead of a meeting about labor conditions for foreign fishermen in Hawaii's commercial fleet, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016 in Honolulu. A group of Hawaii lawmakers is holding the public meeting to discuss conditions among the Hawaii fleet after an Associated Press investigation found that some foreign fishermen have been confined to vessels for years. A federal loophole allows the foreign men to work but exempts them from most basic labor protections.

Harrisonville firefighters battled a fire in a strip mall just west of 291 Highway and north of 49 Highway. Witnesses reported seeing flames and heavy smoke. The Cass County Sheriff's public information officer said the middle portion of the strip mall, which includes the Dollar Tree, was heavily damaged.

Major parts of a wind turbine at the 21-megawatt Auwahi Wind project at the Ulupalakua Ranch on Maui separated from the tower structure and fell to the ground, shutting down the entire project, a spokeswoman for the owner of the wind farm confirmed to Pacific Business News.

Over a decade has passed since Hurricane Katrina brought destruction to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, leaving 1,245 dead and $108 billion in property damage. More than a million people were displaced and communities destroyed. The region has come a long way since then, but it will never be the same. Katrina remains the country’s worst natural disaster.

It’s a dilemma involving the endangered state bird and taro, a symbol and staple for Native Hawaiians and many others. The state of Hawaii is spending up to $500,000 to save its taro farming industry from being consumed by the nene, or Hawaiian goose, Pacific Business News has learned.

When Governor Doug Ducey announced his appointment of David Farca to lead the Arizona-Mexico Commission last year, he attributed his choice to Farca's "exceptional entrepreneurial experience." But records in an ongoing lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court against Farca and ToH Design Studio, his Scottsdale interior-design and furnishings company, put a negative spin on that experience.

A section of North Main Street in High Point will be closed in both directions for about six months starting in November. The city is doing a major construction project that will replace hundred-year-old water lines, move utilities underground and repair sidewalks.

At a time when consumers can easily track their orders on Amazon online or keep watch of their home remotely, the digital information flowing through the local seaports about billions of dollars worth of goods is outdated and too slow, experts say.

Samsung Electronic Co.’s botched recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is putting a spotlight on supply-chain oversight and raising questions about the ability of today’s technology and management tools to help companies maintain quality control in giant complex networks of suppliers—as when products are being built and upgraded more swiftly.

Four additional Upstate counties have been designated as natural disaster areas by the federal government as a result of this summer’s drought. Jefferson, Lewis, Herkimer, and St. Lawrence counties have been added due to their reported crop losses, bringing the total number of counties in New York State severely impacted by the extreme dry conditions to 51.

In the South, recent catastrophic floods in Louisiana claimed 13 lives and cost $8.7 billion in damages. On the West Coast, major earthquakes rattle the ground with startling regularity—and threaten to do much more. In the Midwest, tornadoes frequently sweep through farmland and communities alike. And every year, hurricanes barrel through the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball recently joined Sen. Patty Ritchie, R-Oswegatchie, members of the USDA’s Farm Service Agency and Cornell Cooperative Extension Jefferson County to tour several farms in Jefferson and Oswego counties impacted by this summer’s drought.The group visited three dairy farms and a Christmas tree farm to assess the drought damage in the region and better understand the outlook and plan for recovery.

Hundreds of miners toiled in Mary Ellen Gulch a century ago, turning mountaintops inside out at the headwaters of American Fork Canyon in search of ore bearing precious metals. Many tons of rock had to be dug and milled to yield a single ounce of gold or silver. Compounds bearing other metals were left behind in big piles that spill below dozens of mine openings here. At the former entrance to Live Yankee Mine, buried to keep out the curious, a stream is discharging 50 or so gallons a minute into a gully that leads into the North Fork of the American Fork River.

An increase in the insurance policy for Helena Regional Airport is prompting Airport Authority commissioners to consider options and re-evaluate coverage for earthquake-related damage.

Lawsuits filed Wednesday in New York, California, Minnesota, and Washington DC argue that because General Mills’ Nature Valley granola bars contain small amounts of pesticides, the bar’s “100% natural” claims dupe customers.


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