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Van Carlson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


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Mr. Carlson has over twenty years of experience within the risk management industry. Van began his career with Farmers Insurance Group as an agent; eventually growing his book to be among the largest in his home state of Idaho. Van focuses Strategic Risk Alternatives on risk management primarily and facilitates SRA to assess and solve for the risks our clients have. Van’s primary goal is to continue the upward growth of SRA and continue to develop new products to bring to market.

Bill McKernan



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Mr. McKernan has an extensive background in sales and corporate management. As an SRA team member, Bill helps to facilitate further sales growth and establish a more corporate culture within our growing company. Bill is responsible for educating Strategic Risk Alternatives’ wholesalers and field marketing agents, as needed, to ensure their understanding of the reinsurance process and risk management tools SRA offers and to further advance sales growth among SRA’s network of wholesalers and field marketing agents.

Edward Bryan

Director of Business Development


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Mr. Bryan brings over 15 years of sales and operations management experience to SRA with a consistent history of leading high-performing sales teams and operational excellence. Ed will be working to refine and optimize our CRM platform. Ed will also be overseeing the day-to-day management of reinsurance companies administered by SRA and facilitate the needs of the individual clients and producing companies.

Clay Ogden

National Business Development Manager


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Mr. Ogden brings a passion for building and strengthening relationships in his role as an area wholesaler. Many of Clay’s business relationships have been developed on the golf course; where he has an extensive background. Clay was a collegiate golfer at Brigham Young University, and after graduating went on to golf professionally on the Nationwide,, Canadian and mini tours. In his role as Area Wholesale Manager, Clay, interacts with business owners, financial advisors, CPA firms, consulting firms and health brokers to explain SRA’s risk management strategies and assist his area field marketing representatives throughout the sales process.

Dustin Carlson

Director of Risk Management & Finance


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Mr. Carlson oversees the internal operations of SRA, as well as the operations of all reinsurance companies administered by SRA. Dustin has been with SRA since its inception and has been fundamental in establishing and improving our internal and external operations. Dustin also coordinates with clients’ other professional advisors, whether it be a Certified Public Accountant, Attorney or a company’s Chief

Financial Officer to ensure proper management of each reinsurance company and related individual clients and producing companies.

Tim Pruitt

Reinsurance Manager


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Mr. Pruitt oversees the day-to-day management of all reinsurance companies administered by SRA and facilitates the needs of the individual clients and producing companies. Tim is responsible for annual reporting and collection of all required tax documentation for each managed reinsurance company. Tim’s duties also include reporting dividends and other reinsurance company transactions.

Sam Solberg

Account Manager


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Mr. Solberg is a recent graduate of the University of Idaho with a degree in Finance and Accounting. Sam will primarily assist the Client Reinsurance team with the day-to-day operations and assists the sales team by gathering research and following up with potential clients. Sam handles the preparation and communication of policies and tax information to all managed reinsurance companies. Along with these duties, Sam also helps maintain both reinsurance customers and representative relationships throughout the year.

Bre Cohen

Marketing Manager


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Miss Cohen is responsible for all aspects of marketing within SRA including events, digital marketing, branding, collateral, strategic partnerships and identifying new marketing opportunities. She supports sales by providing wholesalers and agents with up-to-date educational material to ensure their careful understanding of the reinsurance process and risk management tools SRA offers.

Derek Gariss

National Product Manager 


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Mr. Gariss handles the day to day management of SRA’s specialty programs Storage Assurance and Tenant Assurance. Derek brings more than 10 years of sales experience to SRA. For the last 3 years Derek has worked for U-Haul, specifically with their 3rd party tenant insurance division. Derek received his P&C license in 2017 and is working to finish his designation Associates in General Insurance (AINS).

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